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Sugar Katty Cool (SKC) is a jazz band featuring talented and exceptional musicians. The band plays classic jazz, swing & jazz blues featuring the harmonies of Katy Miner, Carolyn Lansom and Sydnie Perkins. Our sets include jazz vocals from the Great American Songbook, instrumental features, reinterpretations of modern songs, and Jazz Era classics such as The Andrew Sisters, The Chordettes, Peggy Lee and many more.

This show is particularly well-suited for concert settings or dinner theatre and charity events. Sugar Katty Cool is professionally produced, fully-scripted, and has received incredible support from it's conception in July of 2015. Thanks to the vocal arrangements by Katy Miner (JazzBuffalo’s 2016 Runner up for best Female Jazz vocalist) we have a unique show, that you’ll enjoy time and time again. Typically, we play 45-50 minute sets of music featuring multiple songs in close three part harmonies. Dave Lansom, the MC, introduces each song and performer in a humorous, and educational way that is reminiscent of old time radio broadcasts. We hope Sugar Katty Cool can share with you a night of jazz, swing, and harmony allowing you to relive some of the Jazz Era classics.

SKC Performers

Featuring vocalists: Sydnie "Sugar" Perkins, Katy "Katty" Miner and Carolyn "Cool" Lansom.  Band members: Harry Graser (Piano), David Lansom (bass), Gregory Amato (guitar), Nick Ciancetta (drums), Andy Peruzzini (trumpet) & Jon Lehning (sax).

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